Chicago Gravestones
Chicago Memorial Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Facility

In our on site engraving facility, we do all of our own carving, lettering and artistry.

Chicago Memorial Designs

Artistry & Design

We have one of the largest displays of memorials and a full staff of artisans, who are experts in design and creation.

Chicago Memorial Duplication


We can duplicate any existing memorial from the most traditional to the most ornate.

Chicago Memorial Engraving


We do on site lettering of existing memorials, engraving, address blocks, and signage for residential and commercial use.

Chicago Memorial Restoration

Restoration & Maintenance

We do on site cleaning, re-setting and restoration of existing memorials.

Chicago Memorial Delivery


We deliver and erect all memorials with our own experienced staff and equipment.

Civic Memorials

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Americans love memorials; Chicago civic memorials and monuments attract millions of visitors each year. Civic memorials honor fallen soldiers, firefighters, police officers, a town’s founder or a significant event in the community’s history. Chicago memorials preserve the history, honor the fallen and educate visitors.

At Maurice Moore Memorials, we have the experience and knowledge to help cities and towns in the Chicagoland area select the right civic monument for their needs. Each of our civic memorials is custom made in our engraving facility by our full staff of artisans, assuring you the highest quality of workmanship available within the Chicago area. Browse our portfolio of designs to better understand the possibilities we have to offer.

Choose from our memorial designs below:

Chicago Memorials, Tombstones and Headstones

Chicago Memorials with a guarantee of Quality and craftsmanship

Our Chicago memorials are able to withstand the test of time and more importantly, the seasons of Chicago. Our workmanship is unquestionably the best in the industry and the materials that we use for our Chicago memorials are of the highest quality. We use only the highest quality granite which is one of the most durable natural materials one can find which gives our memorials a perfectly natural but enduring look.

Our on-site engraving facility ensures the highest level of creative design while our full staff of artisans provide the best customized workmanship one can find within the Chicago area. We also offer engraving services for a variety of materials such as memorials, concrete pavers and signage of all kinds. We provide expert cleaning, re-setting and restoration of existing memorials too.

People within the Chicagoland area specifically look for our Chicago memorials which are known for their high quality of material and workmanship. Maurice Moore Memorials is famous for Chicago memorials that exhibit the detailed attention we give to all of our customers' requests and requirements. The quality is never compromised with the materials used or the workmanship employed as we maintain a full staff of experts with this type of stone and granite craftsmanship for our memorials.